Touch-it-Safe An Effective Barrier From The World!

Changing How You Touch The World

Touch-it-Safe© will revolutionize the way you interact with the world. Our finger covers provide an effective barrier from germs, virus, dirt, grime and grunge that are evident on so many surfaces. You no longer need to worry about touching keypads, touch-screens, credit cards, cash, door handles or those scary public restrooms.

The Natural Rubber Latex is easy to Roll On, Roll Off and Discard. They are comfortable, discreet and easy to carry with you everywhere. Touch-it-Safe finger covers don't dry your skin like cleaners and won't make your entire hand sweat.

Take Control


Unlimited Uses for Ultimate Protection


Proper Use of Touch-it-Safe

Touch-it-Safe allows you to prevent contact with surfaces when used correctly. Watch this video and note that you can easily avoid ever touching the finger cover after use.

• Start at the top of your finger and position at center

• Using two fingers, gently roll the cover over selected fingers

• After use, roll the cover up and avoid touching the outer area of the cover

• Please dispose of properly


- Can I reuse my Touch-it-Safe finger protection?

NO, never reuse a finger cover, once removed it should be immediately disposed of or recycled.

- Can I purchase Touch-it-Safe finger protection in bulk for my company?

Yes, please contact our customer service desk. The number can be found on the last page.

- Your website and packaging states that Natural Rubber Latex may cause allergic reactions. Is this common?

According to the and Allergy Foundation; "Less than 1% of people in the US have a latex allergy."

- Can I use Touch-it-Safe with my fashion nails?

We use a premium quality Natural Rubber Latex, but be careful to check your particular application. You don't want to puncture and expose your skin to a surface.

- If I use Touch-it-Safe, do I need to wash my hands?

YES, always follow the CDC guidelines for washing your hands regularly.

- Are Touch-it-Safe finger covers available in other sizes?

Contact our customer service department as we will be releasing a youth size and a size for large hands soon.

NOTE: Touch-it-Safe Finger Protection is not returnable. Due to the nature of this safety product we cannot process any returns.

For questions or concerns regarding this product, please contact our customer service department for assistance.

Satisfied Customers

Takes the stress out of using public keypads right now. So glad I found these.

Bob Park

Thank you for the very quick service! These are great.

Joseph M

Very easy to use and great piece of mind when using public ATM machines.

Martha S.